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Hi, I’m Simon Bussiere. ūüôā I’m an Assistant Professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Hawai‚Äôi at MaŐĄnoa. This website is a visual abstract of¬†my academic and professional practice and research in design, representation and pedagogy.

My¬†professional experience spans the design spectrum. At EDAW/AECOM in Melbourne Australia, my¬†work included the conceptual and schematic design for E-Gate, a multi-billion dollar, 6,000 resident, zero-carbon eco-district in Melbourne, along with a range of local and international work in corporate, leisure, cultural, real estate development, civic, utilities, and transportation market sectors. While at AECOM,¬†I was¬†on¬†the team that¬†won first prize in the international design competition for Seoul Grand Park in 2009. As founder and creative director at LANDMASS, a collaborative research and design/build laboratory, I’ve directed¬†the planning, design and construction of numerous projects from inception through to implementation and administration. I’m an active design leader on a range of local and international projects across a wide range of scales and levels of complexity. I deeply enjoy each new project and love to help people frame, understand and solve problems.

I trained in landscape architecture at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and later at Harvard University where I focused on international projects in landscape, architecture and urbanism. While at the Graduate School of Design (GSD) at Harvard under advisors Richard T.T. Forman and Michael Van Valkenburgh, I designed projects in India, Brazil, Costa Rica, Sardinia and Nicaragua, where I was awarded a GSD Studioworks selection by architect Teddy Cruz and an International Community Service Fellowship for my work in the peri-urban community of La Prusia, Nicaragua.

I grew up in between the Berkshire Mountains and Cape Cod in a tough central Massachusetts mill town. As the oldest of three boys raised by an incredible single mom, I learned at a young age to question everything and fight for creative independence. My passion for design and education is directly informed by my love of nature.