Download my portfolio here:  Selected Works 2005 – 2017

My practice is equally influenced by my New England roots – the dynamic coastal landscape, the glacial terrain at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, rich successional vegetation, agricultural and industrial heritage – and by a broad interconnected world-view. As a frequent traveler I’ve seen how inextricably linked we are as a species –  connected and bound to one planet, despite artificial boundaries.

My first stonewall, dry-laid New England style masonry, built from 4o tons of granite boulders and cobbles at a private residence in Hubbardston Massachusetts, 2005.

My work has evolved over the last decade from fine-grain residential work including dozens of carefully crafted landscapes and structures, to efforts in informal communities around the globe that fuse research with design/build methods, to my work in corporate practice at EDAW/AECOM including highly complex mega-scale projects such as E-Gate, a multi-billion dollar legacy project in Melbourne Australia that will be home to more than 6,000 people when complete.

EGATE FINAL master plan_low res
Illustrative Masterplan of E-Gate, Melbourne, Australia 2010.

From the mega-scale of urban regions to intimate human-scale efforts, my work is shaped by rigorous analysis, formal, material and technological experimentation, and always striving to enhance the ways people interact with one another and our with environment. As cities around the world continue to grow and struggle to evolve in ecological balance, I am working to better understand how communities within that broader context support themselves and grow in harmony with natural and synthetic forces at play in the environment.

first houses recently completed
Housing as ecological and social infrastructure, threaded into existing sacred trees in La Prusia, Nicaragua 2012.

Download my portfolio here:  Selected Works 2005 – 2017

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